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Prince Edward Island National Park is all about beach and life, and one of the seven supervised beaches in the country's smallest national park is Saguenay Fjord National Park. One of Canada's most popular tourist attractions on the Prince Edward Islands is du Saguanay, which is about an hour from the Musee and includes the sites of the fjord national park.

The park is located at the eastern end of the Saguenay River, in the southernmost part of Prince Edward Island, about 60 km south of Portage la Prairie. The Saguanay St. Park has the following interesting regions: the fjord national park, the bay of Fundy and the St Pierre du Saguanays. This beach is the largest and most popular in Canada's smallest national park and is located in a fjord area of about 1,000 hectares.

The Saguenay-Quebec region, three times the size of Belgium, stretches from Tadoussac on the Saint Lawrence River to Lake Saint-Jean. The landscape of the region is not only characterized by the Lac, but is also driven by a number of lakes (to which we will come later) and rivers (St. Pierre du Saguanays and Lac Lac Saint Jean).

Whatever it is, this list of 22 attractions is certainly enough to keep you busy on a rainy day in the area of Saguenay - Lac - St - Jean. No matter what you're looking for, there will certainly be a perfect fit for you, and we've picked out a few places we'd like to stop off at on our next trip.

You can enjoy a series of spectacular views and amazing wildlife, or spend a whole day climbing the highest peaks in the area in the Monts Valin National Park. You may also admire the view of the Parc nationale Fjord du Saguenay (not to be confused with a national park, this is one of the provincial parks of Quebec).

Hikers who want to enjoy the spectacular views from the highest peaks of the Monts Valin National Park and try several marked hiking trails can also take the gondola up to the mountains. Hop on a tourist bus and explore all the sights of Saguenay before getting off the tourist bus.

Walk up the rock faces of Cap Trinite and enjoy spectacular views of the Saguenay - Fjord National Park. Also offered as a guided activity in the SaguanayFjord is a three-day hike from the city of St. John's, about an hour and a half north of Montreal.

The tandem kayaking offer allows even small children to enjoy their first kayak trip in the Saguenay. Children outlast adults in this experience by far and will enjoy their time away while enjoying the spectacular views of the Saguanay Fjord National Park and the theater performances. There is even a beach near the beach where you can challenge yourself to swim through the cold waters of the Sanguenay Fjord.

Children will love all the exciting activities in Saguenay and Lac Saint-Jean and it will certainly lead to exciting adventures.

There are many other neighborhoods to visit, sights and activities, but the Parc National and Pointe-Taillon are quite far from the rest of the Saguenay region and Lac Saint-Jean. There are so many other things you can experience or at least hear during your visit. Let us know in the comments below if any of them made it onto your list of places you've visited and what you're most looking forward to. Here are some of my favorite places from my recent trip to the region and the most exciting things I'm looking forward to most.

The Saguenay and Lac Saint-Jean have some of the best climbing trails in the world, as well as some great hiking trails. Cap Jaseux is also home to one of Canada's most popular rock climbs, and this list includes a number of places you can visit in addition to the main tourist attractions.

Like Saguenay National Park, I like that the trails here have some of the best climbing paths in the world, as well as some great hiking trails. I have also heard of a few other great climbing crags in Lac Saint-Jean, which are also perfect.

The trail passes most of the main attractions, and there are beaches along the lake shore where you can cool off. A great place to stop off is the Saguenay Fjord, a must-see for children who love nature as much as I do. What makes Sauvage so attractive to children of all ages, especially nature lovers, is its boring exhibition. It is great to learn about the over 400 species that occur in the Saguanay and the fjord, as well as the over 400 species that live along the river inland.

If you want to give your children a sense of wonder at the Great Canadian Outdoors, this is a good start.

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More About Saguenay