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Most Canadians know that classic poutine is a delicious (read: coronary - inducing) mix of fries, gravy, cheese and gravy. The local tradition is found throughout the country, with fries covered with sauce and curd cheese.

For a true celebration of Quebecois cuisine, order a slow - deep-boiled - plate of cake, made with a variety of meats and potatoes.

If you really want bank robbery (and a little disgusting), order a large poutine and add a single topping to the menu. The bistro and cafe Summum is also the perfect place to taste the "Poutine Soda," a cheese-and-sauce lemonade with flavor "(I think it's coarse, but you could liquefy it in a blender). Order the smoked meat, because the poutines are stacked with bison meat and veal stock sauce and hand-cut fries.

The quality of the meat is important, so don't fill your mighty tour animals with old ground beef; it's important to know where the food comes from before you enjoy the delicious dinner prepared by the farm owner. The spacious kitchen has a large dining room where you can prepare your meals in a way that does not feel like eating. Discoveries awaken your interest in the boring dishes prepared by French chefs.

For those who prefer more adventurous, a five-day camp can be arranged, which includes a tour of the Saguenay - Lac St. Jean National Park and a visit to the Hotel Reveillon. Many people cook decadent dishes atreveillon, whether you are French or Canadian. You could also cycle from Sagunay to Lac - St - Jean, but be sure to visit all the stops along the way if you decide to do so.

Air Canada is the only major airline to have an airport in Bagotville, located in Sagunay - Lac - St - Jean. About an hour and a half north of the city. How do you forget this, and how about a short trip to the Lac St. Jean National Park and the Saguenay area?

The hotels and restaurants in the La Baie area, built in the 19th century, still offer an idyllic setting. The Bay of Tadoussac is the only place within walking distance of the Sagunay - Lac - St - Jean National Park and the Saguenay area and is one of the best places to visit during your trip. Located on the west side of Lac St. Jean, just a few miles from the town of Bagotville, the bay is a great place for a day trip or even an overnight stay if you have time to visit it. Located about an hour and a half north of Quebec City, about 30 minutes south of downtown, it will be the most popular destination for tourists and locals, as well as locals and tourists.

A good meal, including artisanal cheese and people who know how to enjoy it, as well as a good beer and wine. I enjoy this hospitable province and its people, its culture and its food And they really love their country.

If you've ever wondered what a boreal forest tastes like, forget oregano and peppers, fine - restaurants and restaurants in Saguenay are where you can find it. Here is a guide to tasting some of the best Saguanays, whether you eat in a village or not. The picturesque hotels are known for their good food, good beer and wine and of course for their beautiful surroundings.

Chez Montagner offers live music and breathtaking views of the fjord. If that's not enough, you can try the four-course menu, which is located just a few steps from the Ouiatchouan waterfalls and is illuminated at night. It's a great meal for two, three or even four people if you fancy something more intimate, such as a dinner at the riverside restaurant with its stunning view of OUIATCHOUAN Falls, which is colorful and illuminated at night, and a good beer or two.

In fact, pheasant-free-range beers and local beers brimming with character and flavour are said to play a big part in what you pay for in the pub. Some of the outstanding delicacies I tasted in the area came from the food in the restaurant, as well as from the beer, but what I remembered best were the sausages wrapped in meat and blueberries. Many restaurants in Newfoundland serve chips, dressing and gravy, although the dressing (also known as "the stuff") is used instead of cheese or curd cheese. I know this because I saw it on the menu (see below) in one of my favourite restaurants, St John's, and I'm pretty sure it's available in other restaurants too.

Fresh blueberries are pickled in dark chocolate, chilled and sold in specialty shops and grocery stores, and then refrigerated for up to a week before baking.

Dairy is an important industry in Saguenay - Lac - Saint - Jean, and you will find a thriving beer scene; there is a microbrewery in the centre. Frederick Montagner, a Quebec City restaurateur, moved to L'Anse Saint Jean to open a waterfront restaurant that spiced up the menu with many local flavors. Here you will find an excellent selection of artisanal cheeses as well as some of the best craft beers on the market.

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More About Saguenay