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We've put together the best - of - the best - of Quebec City, and you can browse through the top things to see and do during your stay. Visit our Top Places and see for yourself our favourite restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels in the city. Close to me is the Craft Brewery of Quebec City on the corner of St. Laurent Boulevard and Performing Arts Boulevard.

It is also in the area mapped below, the perimeter area is the distance chart and the Quebec Ci Latitude and Longitude coordinates are 46.

Other top Quebec attractions include the Canadian Natural History Museum, National Gallery of Canada and Royal Canadian Mint. Travellers "favourites include Mont - Royal Hotel, Quebec's largest hotel, and the Quebec Museum, a museum and museum.

The Canadian Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint, all in Quebec City, and the Quebec Museum in Montreal.

Old Quebec is located on the Cap Diamant, a plateau known as the headland of Quebec or Quebec Hills. In 1608, Champlain chose this narrow U-shaped headland between the St. Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean to direct his journey from Quebec City to Montreal. This satellite image shows the city of Montreal, located on the north bank of the St. The Quebec road map is the simplest version, providing a comprehensive overview of the main urban aspects. These include roads, sidewalks, bridges, roads, parks, public buildings, hotels, restaurants and other public facilities.

Rousseau's project took the natural environment and superimposed the historical development of the city into a found - and chosen - environment that contains its own history and culture. Visit the Grand Hotel, the Chateau Customize, and anything else Quebec City has to offer.

Find an official guide or map that will be useful during your stay and plan a route to explore Quebec City. The Grand Hotel and the Chateau Customize, and learn more about the official tourist guides and maps that are useful while you stay.

A detailed Quebec map page with key roads, railways and metropolitan areas, including Quebec City, the capital of Quebec. A tiny printout of a detailed "Quebec map" showing all major road, rail and population centers, including Montreal, Montreal - Saint - Jean - sur - Richelieu, St. John's and St. John's. See the official guidebooks and maps for Montreal and the rest of the province. This map of Quebec shows Lake Lawrence from north, south, east, west, north - east and south - west. The Detailed Quebec map on this page shows major highways, railways, population centers, including Montreal (the largest city in Quebec) and Montreal.

Check out our list of the best hotels and activities in Quebec City, as well as our guide to the city's most popular hotels.

If you can't see the map, check out our list of hotels in Quebec City, grouped by location. We have grouped them by popularity, price and availability and have seen Tripadvisor reviews, photos and offers.

This is an online tool to find the best hotels in Quebec City, the Canadian capital. Choose from a suggested list and look at the index you specify, so it has never been so easy to find a place to call home.

It is located on the St. Lawrence River and is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. Located just a short drive from Quebec City, this resort is the first stop on the St. Lawrence Valley Parkway, the largest and most scenic drive you will ever take to ascend to the sky - to the top of Mount Royal.

This Hilton Quebec hotel near Parliament Hill is one of the most beautiful hotels in Canada and the only one in Quebec City, Canada.

This trendy hotel is located in the heart of old Quebec and offers a great opportunity to explore the country's rich culture. You won't want to miss the breathtaking views of the city from the Hilton Quebec Hilton Garden Inn. Drive in all directions and enjoy views of Quebec City, the Chutes de la lacs and the historic city centre.

Quebec City is perched on a cliff overlooking the northern shore of St. Laurent and the Chutes de la lacs. Other Shop of Art is tucked behind the Hilton Quebec Hilton Garden Inn in the heart of Quebec City.

See the unique and bespoke handmade pieces in store and see for yourself or see some of the amazing artwork on display at the Hilton Quebec Hilton Garden Inn. If you are looking for something really special, you can find a 5 star hotel in Quebec City on or book it for free on our website. If you're looking for something really special, this 5-star Quebec City hotel is the place to be when you book a hotel based on Booker's Guide.

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