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We are # We have had extremely fine restaurants in Montreal and Quebec City for hundreds of years, but it is only in the last half century that fine cuisine has spread throughout the country. Canada is a young country and is only now really showing its worth in the culinary scene. Many of the best local restaurants offer menus and information guides that can be translated well into English, French, Spanish, English - language and other languages. This area has not yet reached the tourist crowds, so you are on your own with a limited number of options and a very limited selection of restaurants.

Fortunately, Vrbo offers a variety of different apartments, some of which are a good alternative to typical hotels or hotels - such as accommodation. Baker's Waskesiu Bungalows has a beautiful two-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalow with a private beach overlooking the lake on the beautiful Waskingesius Lake.

Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchenette, a full-service bathroom and a spacious living room and dining area with an outdoor fireplace.

The 37 cottages on the property are located on a hill overlooking the beach and the fjord, and for those interested, the park also offers the possibility to stay in two tree houses high above the property, with breathtaking views. Breakfast and dinner are served in the main cabin, but for a more adventurous experience, you can book an overnight stay at a campsite for up to five days, which includes camping in each cabin and a full service bathroom. Each night is included with only one meal to choose from.

Other Parc areas worth seeing are the Bauie du Saguenay, Baie - du - Laval and the Chateau - de - Boulogne - sur - Mer. One of the hotel's most popular tourist attractions is the Ecole des Beaux - Arts du Saguanay, which is about an hour from the museum.

The via ferrata is an incredibly intense experience, climbing high above the fjord rock while strapping yourself into a harness. There are several trail heads along the way, which makes the hike short, but the most unique is the zipline course, where you jump from one end of the rope course to the other and try to jump through the air as if you were in a circus. This particular section of the park houses some of Canada's most popular ziplines and ziplines, as well as a variety of other activities. The zip line course at the end, the "rope course," is one of our more creative courses, where you have to climb ropes and ladders and make a short walk over the rope line.

However, the best way to enjoy the full experience of this huge mammal is to go up to the Zodiac, as it is one of the most popular activities in the park.

This afternoon walk (7 km loop) takes you to the waterfall, which can be hiked from the main entrance of the hotel at the foot of the mountain. The view alone is worth the stay, because the welcoming former fisherman's cabin sits on a cliff above the Saguenay fjord.

The Wharfs, their newly renovated suites, feature a two-story deck where you can enjoy the sunsets over Waskesiu Resorts. The Wharf Suites have two decks, each with its own pool and private beach. They offer three-level suites with private pools and beaches, as well as private cabins and cabins on the beach at the main entrance of the hotel. Your newly renovated suite offers two levels and two levels where you can enjoy the highlights. It offers a three-storey terrace with its own private beach and private beach, as well as private cottages.

When we arrived on Sunday evening it was raining, but in the afternoon the sun came through the clouds and we had a wonderful time exploring the area. If you are on a boat, Cap Eternite is a great place to pick up your dream cruiser or yacht. We were lucky enough to board late in the day to watch the sunset over the fjord and it was one of the best ways to experience relaxed sailing. There are two hours of sailing that you can take on the boat from the private cabins of the hotel to the beach at the main entrance of Waskesiu Resort.

Part of what makes this area unique is that it is still partly protected from massive tourism, but is also slowed down by its proximity to the Saguenay fjord. We were told this explicitly because it is berry season and we have seen many of them, which is a good sign for the future of the region and the wildlife. The park is one of Canada's most popular tourist attractions, and animal rights activists can't answer why. Most of their experts agree that the park's secret playgrounds are in the fjords, and there are plenty of them.

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More About Saguenay