Saguenay Canada Wyndham Hotel

Saguenay - Lac - Saint - Jean is located in the Monts - Valin National Park on the west coast of Canada, north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is one of the most popular destinations in Canada and the second largest tourist destination in North America.

On clear days, the well-marked hiking trails from the top of Pic - Dubuc offer an unspoilt view. Imagine walking the way to your cabin along the fjord, crunching in the snow and walking to the tall pine trees that bend down to the highest point. Then swing your legs out from under you and row back into the country - at breakneck speed.

For an easy, scenic snowshoe hike, try the easy 3 km circuit that starts at the Discovery Center. Quebec's third largest network of hiking trails, is the perfect guide for a group through the winter landscape.

Do not miss the on-site restaurant, which incorporates the flavours of the boreal forest into its menu. Cafe Summum is a bistro on the second floor, serving seasonal dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a bar with espresso. In a casual, casual atmosphere, the atmosphere is ideal for a quick lunch or dinner with friends or family.

Pourvoirie du Cap - au - Leste, a secluded chalet on the pine shore of the Saguenay fjord, offers an elegant ambience with views of Lake Superior and the majestic mountains to the east. In a small group of furnished cottages, you will find a private retreat in the Monts Valin National Park, which is located within the park itself. Beyond the comfortable hotel rooms and luxurious showers lies the town of La Baie, which offers even traditional hotel lodges.

Contact Nature is a non-profit organisation that offers leisure activities to both locals and tourists in the Saguenay - Lac - Saint - Jean area. Musee du Fjord must be a must for families, A 53,000 liter marine aquarium with marine animals from the Saguanay River. Next to the large aquarium is a small museum with a large collection of local art and artifacts. Then see some of the marine animals in their natural habitat and see for yourself.

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More About Saguenay