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Here are some of the best things to do with children of all ages in this beautiful region of Canada in summer.

The Saguenay region of Quebec is home to some of Canada's most beautiful beaches, sea kayaking, blueberry trails and cycling. From cycling to cycling, the region and its charming small towns are full of unique experiences, which often include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hiking and much more. Enjoy a full day of fun and games at one of the exceptional resorts that offer families a fun French diving experience. Children will love their free time, whether they enjoy a day trip to the beach, theatre performances or even an evening at a local restaurant.

Accommodation is available for one night at the Saguenay Hotel in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada. Our suite is very close to downtown Chic outimi and is actually within walking distance of the city center and many of its attractions. This includes a beautiful beach hotel with great views and a range of restaurants, bars and shops.

If you are cycling from Saguenay to Lac St. Jean, you should see some of the stops along the way. There is a Blueberry Trail that runs through the park and across the highway, and there is the less developed Pacific Coast Highway. We could also cycle from Chicoutimi to Lac - St - Jean and back in less than an hour.

Each passenger will receive a travel package that includes two tickets for the speed-dating Saguenay - Lac St. Jean. A great bonus when purchasing matchmaking packages is the opportunity to participate in the Speeddate event at no extra cost. You can choose to work in one of the fabulous places we work in, or if you prefer, arrange a date night at a local favorite meeting place.

When you see the fjords from the water, you and your family will have the opportunity to experience how majestic the landscape in this region of Quebec is. Next, the Canadian Signature Experience awaits you at Musee du Fjord, where you can experience the best of both worlds with interactive activities inside and out.

The landscape is dotted with cities where you can have coffee and cheese, but the reason this can be boring is that it is generally a small town. Those who do not speak the national language can leave a lot behind. You might get a few people staring at you in a strange way, for example when you speak English in a grocery store. You only have to know that most of us are pro-French and dominate the Parti Quebecois, so if there is no one in Saguenay in general, it is probably not for you.

Quebecois cadence is expected, but it is not as bad as what is heard in Paris or even in other parts of Canada. If you come to Quebec with your boyfriend in French, you might not expect it as much as in English.

Cap - Jaseux also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada and Cap Jasingux. If you come from the fjords, nature is probably more your thing, but if you were born and raised in the city and are not a country boy, then the region is littered with water towns, standing by rivers, lakes and streams, surrounded by evergreen forests. This is a region littered with waterfront towns, so if nature is more what you want and you were not born in a city, you will love it. Areas such as Banff, Whistler and Canmore are in the spotlight for the kind of gentle adventure experience that many outdoor-loving families want.

Lac Saint-Jean in Saguenay is perfect for those who like to get out and about in the outdoors, whether hiking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing or mountain biking. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada and the world.

We can't wait to circle the whole island of Saguenay in 5 days, which is possible in a single day for a total of 4 days and 6 hours.

This three-day tour takes you to the same highlights in Montreal in one day, over a total of 4 days and 6 hours. The tour starts the next morning in Toronto and we leave Quebec City at 5: 30 am on the morning of July 5th for Saguenay.

The region is full of charming towns and villages surrounded by Lake Saint-Jean and the region's most popular tourist attractions. We drive an hour east along a tree-lined road to Saguenay, a town on the edge of a fjord where Saint Lawrence meets Saint Lawrence.

It is true, as you have heard, that there are many other regions in Quebec, but so are we. There is a college in every area of Quebec and many areas also have UQ branches, so there is a wide range of educational opportunities available in Saguenay and other parts of the region. There are many great schools in the area, such as the Universite du Quebec - Montreal and the University of the Guelphs. The outdoor activities in the region are great and suitable for people of all ages, not just children.

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More About Saguenay