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Residential property market statistics have been released for 2019, the third consecutive year of record sales. The province's real estate markets have been at a record high, with more than 96,500 transactions completed through Centris, the estate agent, in 2019. This is also the highest number of sales ever recorded since the company began processing market data in 2000. All major geographic areas in Montreal (CMA) recorded a revenue increase in 2019.

The region of Saguenay - Lac - Saint - Jean, situated between the four regions of the national capital Mauricie, is the envy of us all. Lawrence is a major tourist attraction, not to mention the natural beauty of its lakes, rivers and beaches. Most of this population is concentrated in the city of Montreal, although many live in other parts of Quebec, such as the Laurentians and Quebec City. Although it is a populated area, its climate is characterized by high humidity, high temperatures, low humidity and low temperatures.

The population is divided into low-rise and high-rise housing, with 60% in the hands of those in the city of Montreal and the rest in other parts of Quebec.

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QPAREB is also responsible for many real estate dossiers, including the implementation of measures to promote home ownership. QPareB has also been instrumental in the development of numerous real estate documents, including implementation measures that promote home ownership.

Adapting to the new reality of telecommunications, supporting rising disposable incomes and supporting job creation and growth of the workforce in the face of economic downturns.

In the Montreal metropolitan area, the price of a single-family home in a residential area is also at its highest level in more than a decade.

Single-family homes stand out in the state, where sales have increased significantly (18%) and condominiums stand out with a 16% increase in transactions compared to the same period last year. Across all combined property categories, transactions, some of which exceeded the total number of transactions for the year ending 2019, increased by more than 1.5 percent year-on-year, or an average of 3.1 percent per year for all property types. Single-family homes were the most popular category for sales in Quebec, with sales up 18.0%.

In Quebec, condominiums and single-family homes account for more than half of all transactions in the state, with sales up 18.0%.

The largest increase in sales was recorded in the state's metropolitan areas, with New Brunswick sales up 31.5%. Overall, sales across the metropolitan area rose even more dramatically, by 31% across all property categories combined.

La Baie is the oldest of the three municipalities and the first colony to be built and settled. The region has a long colonial history, from the founding of New Brunswick in 1776 to the founding of Quebec in 1814. In the 20th century, it became the largest city in the province with 1.5 million inhabitants and the second largest in Canada.

The Conservatoire musique de Saguenay was founded in Chicoutimi in 1967 and the Universite du Quebec, Chic outimi, in 1969. The campus attracts students from across the province, as well as Quebec City, Montreal and other parts of Canada.

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