Saguenay Canada Shopping

Talbots in Chicoutimi, QC, is today the first day of the Saguenay Canada Shopping Festival, a two-day celebration of craft beer, wine and food.

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Pourvoirie du Cap - au - Leste is a must - with views of the Saguenay fjord and a refined ambience. A remote chalet on the pine shore of the fjord of Saguanay, Pourvirie - du - Cap Au Lese is one of Canada's most popular and popular tourist destinations and the only one in the province.

Perfect for a couple or small family, this house also offers many amenities to make you feel at home, such as kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. Expand your home options to include a full-service kitchen and dining area, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool and spa. The more comfort you have from home, the better the experience - from the comfort of your own bed and bath to the luxury of a private pool.

This map shows the huge river Saguenay, which flows into the St. Lawrence Estuary, from where you can get into the city. Musee du Fjord must be a must for families, with a 53,000 litre marine aquarium featuring marine life from the River Sagit. This is all the more impressive at Cape TrinitA (c), which is located in the SagaNay National Park. Large cliffs line the wide river, and signs along the highway warn of rockfall are common.

The Saguenay flood was the worst in Canadian history, but this small building made of pressboard has become a symbol of the perseverance of the region's inhabitants. In July 1996, this tiny home withstood a stream of water equivalent to Niagara Falls for two days.

The long hill that goes down to the mouth of the fjord has a long line of parkers waiting for the next ferry crossing the river Saguenay in Charlevoix to reach Saint-Simeon. We found our place in the queue, waited for the ferry, but turned back because our companion had already stopped in front of us to take pictures. Before we drove down the motorway again, we met with my companion and found a place near the queue to wait for the ferry.

As we drove further east, the sign "South - South" said "South," so we turned left and headed for one of the best preserved ghost towns in the region, Saint - Fulgence. The road climbs up a mountain with some sights along the Saguenay River to St. Fulgente, but the Rue du Quai undulates as it descends into a narrow valley. This is the most popular motorcycle tour in Quebec and the only one in Canada with a ferry to the mainland.

More About Saguenay

More About Saguenay